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Quality productssuperior workmanship and a realistic project price are not optional extras at Lyleste. We built our business on these pillars because we observed so many customers being let down – and we wanted to make a real difference. Many successful waterproofing, damp proofing and painting projects later and we are still working hard at satisfying our customers, improving our workmanship and keeping our standards high!

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The key function of a building roof is to keep the rain out. When this doesn’t happen, the water entering through the roof causes untold damage to roof trusses, ceilings, walls, flooring, furniture, fittings etc.

Waterproofing can be done after an event has taken place. This often results in a large project that takes time, gets costly and involves many different service providers, insurance companies and assessors. The frustration and cost to the home or business owner can be substantial and the premises may never get back to the way they were.

A far better approach is to include waterproofing assessments as part of your regular building maintenance, so that problems can be identified and corrected in a pro-active manner.

Lyleste have numerous waterproofing systems available for different roof applications, and we are available for maintenance inspections as well as ‘crisis management’ once water damage has taken place.

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Damp proofing is necessary when damp rises up out the ground walls and structures. This usually causes degradation of the plaster on the inside or outside of your home, or both.

The problems caused by rising damp are visually obvious in the form of discoloured spots on plaster, bubbling paint or segments of plaster falling off. But rising damp can also result in health problems due to the moist air and mold that comes with it. This can result in allergies, asthma and other respiratory complications, and therefore cannot be ignored!

Whether the cause of your rising damp is poor workmanship, missing DPC or a rise in ground water, we have the damp proofing tools to asses exactly what the root cause is, as well as the knowledge to recommend the best system to repair your rising damp and help prevent future problems.

See a typical damp proofing process in action.

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Over time, cement and clay roof tiles ‘dry out’ and become very porous and brittle. This is caused by water reacting with the cement in the tiles, dissolving small amounts of it and washing it away. This results in two issues that need to be addressed:

1: The tiles become brittle and tend to break easily. This becomes a major issue during a hail storm as a hailstone can easily crack a tile and thereby create an instant water leak. It also causes problems when you need to walk on the roof for various maintenance and repair work.

2: A porous tile tends to hold water, resulting in the weight of your roof increasing when it rains. Cement roof tiles weigh an average of 50kg per square meter, so if you have a 200 m2 roof, your roof tiles weigh approximately 10 tons. If your tiles absorb just 10% of their weight, the result is an extra ton being added to the weight of your roof. The scary situation is that some tiles can absorb much more than 10%, resulting in wet roof trusses carrying substantially more weight than they were designed for.

With the paint system we use, the first coat is a waterproofing acrylic sealer. This coat binds the porous friable outer layer, preventing moisture ingress and arresting the further degradation of the tiles. We then apply 2 coats of pure acrylic roof coat to ensure UV stability.

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Most people believe that painting is purely a cosmetic process to make your property more aestethically pleasing. This is only partly true!

A good quality paint helps prevent moisture ingress and substrate degradation in plaster, corrosion in steel, rotting in wood, as well as restoring and feeding each system in its own way. Using a good quality product may seem more costly, but the duration and lifespan of such a project will be far longer than for cheaper products, thus reducing the cost for more frequent touch-ups and repeat jobs.

Lyleste have deep knowledge of paint technologies and have established relationships with a number of quality paint manufacturers. This ensures that a paint project at your home or business would always be based on the correct product to seal, repair and protect any surface, resulting in increased lifespan and reduction in cost.

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